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$12,000 CASH House – Renovation Day ONE! – #1

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I just bought this house for under $12K Cash including the closing costs. I'll be doing a full renovation in effort to bring this house up to snuff to be part of my fleet of rental houses…..actually it's only a few houses, but many more are part of my dream! If you would like to see an intro video where I show this house, check this out. I'll be doing detailed videos on this channel, where I share my thoughts along the way and Big Update videos on my main channel, The Homestead Craftsman. This video represents Day One…….the most daunting day of work on any house! For me, it takes a few days to shake of the feeling and really get your head around the project. Luckily I have days of demolition and tearing things up to let out those frustrations! If you have any good ideas let me know, when you're in the middle of a project like this it can be tough not to be blinded by all the work. Your ideas are a big help in deciding what to do. Thanks in advance, enjoy.

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